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Professional WEBSITE for unlimited accommodations
always included:
e-commerce, quotes, booking calendar, online payments, reserved area
Create your new website
99,00   annual subscription cost
Included in the annual cost:
Unlimited accommodations
E-commerce, quotes, booking calendar, online payments, reserved area
Editor for the autonomous management of the contents and the graphic aspect of the website
Unlimited content and pages
CMS for the autonomous management of products, travel, news, events and more
Responsive mobile version
Receive notifications from the website via email and WhatsApp (contacts, orders, quotes, etc.)
Text management up to max 6 languages
Autonomous management of SEO to optimize presence on search engines (Google)
Domain connection owned by the Customer / Free hosting included
Constant updates and website upgrades
Annual maintenance and assistance included
Connection to domain owned by the Customer / Free hosting included
Constant updates and website upgrades
Annual maintenance and assistance included
Do it yourself or rely on our experts to create your new fantastic website
Professional website creation service
Our experts at your service!
We create your awesome new website
with an extra cost per activation of only € 250,00
SEO optimization included
The service is only available for annual subscription websites
The service is already included in the "Your forever" purchase formula
What the website creation service includes:

What the SEO START service includes:
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Website for unlimited accommodations
Website for the management of multiple real estate units: Holiday homes, Apartments, Bed & Breakfasts, Hotels, Residences and more.
all included:
Unlimited accommodations
Enter your Accommodations. Unlimited categories, search engine, Structure detail with description, gallery, video, map, services, files to download, price list, contacts and personalized pages.
Quickly create customized quotes for your customers and send them directly from the website. You can receive confirmations and payments online.
Reserved area
Registered Users can view the following reserved contents (front-end): accommodation facilities, pages and reserved prices. You can assign discounts reserved to individual Users or User Levels. Furthermore, Users can access the Reserved Area (back-end) to view their data, reservations, communications, documents to download / upload, quotes, pages with confidential content, send requests for information or other through personalized forms.
Drag & Drop for layout and content management
Get the graphic look of the website you've always wanted. With Drag & Drop you can manage all the graphic elements of the website in total autonomy and as you wish, including texts, buttons, banners, forms, search engines and more.
Responsive mobile version
Fully self-managed responsive mobile version, you can change the graphics and content independently of the desktop version website. Including a control panel for product management, receiving online reservations or orders from e-commerce, viewing notifications received from contact forms, managing news and events, registered users, invoices and estimates.
NO html code
The management of the website does not require any knowledge of programming code, the website is very simple to use.
Link to your domain / Hosting free
We connect the new website to your domain. If you do not have a domain we will register a new domain you own at minimal cost.
SEO and Adword / Pixel
Your new website will be present correctly and quickly on search engines (Google). You can customize the indexing by changing the title and description meta tags, URLs, Rich Snippets, create the Sitemap, register the website to Google Analytics and Search Console services. SEO customization does not require any programming knowledge (html).
Technical assistance included, your website will always be fully functional. We are ready to provide support via direct chat from the website, whatsapp chat, assistance ticket opening and email.
go to the free DEMO
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